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Prock Operations: Our COVID-19 Policy.

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March 2020

As the impact of Covid-19 spreads across the nation, we want to address how we are protecting our employees and supporting our customers. Our products are manufactured in the USA, and at this point, our manufacturing facilities and offices are operating normally with increased safety protocols in place. Currently, our suppliers have not expressed concerns about their ability to provide their materials on time. If we hear about delays in the future, we will immediately communicate the news to affected customers.

The safety of our employees is important to us. They are the backbone of our company, and we are taking steps to protect them. We have created an internal safety plan specifically addressing what we are doing to limit the spread of Covid-19. This plan incorporates CDC protocols as well as manufacturing-specific protections, including adjusting the manufacturing floor and how employees attend team meetings.

In addition, we are limiting access to our manufacturing facilities to essential employees, contractors, and vendors in order to protect our employees. Our local team leaders make sure that any essential visitors adhere to our safety plan.

We are also limiting business travel to that which is essential to assist our customers and must be approved prior to the trip. We provide safety support to the employees involved in essential travel. We have also established a policy related to employee self-isolation after certain personal travel.

We continue to monitor new developments so that we can evolve our strategies to protect our employees and support our customers. We appreciate our employees, customers, and communities, and will continue our efforts to assist them in getting through these trying times.



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