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Manufacturing in america’s heartland.

The History of Prock Operations.

In the 1980s, Dennis Prock owned five convenience stores in the Missouri Ozarks. He became frustrated by the convoluted process of coordinating with contractors, cabinet shops, refrigeration companies, and equipment manufacturers in order to outfit his c-stores. These contractors and companies did not understand the unique needs of a convenience store (like extra width for countertops). Dennis decided to take matters into his own hands and started Prock Operations, a company with the goal of outfitting c-stores with everything that was needed before merchandise arrived.

The Early Years

Building from the ground up.

Prock Operations, Inc. began in 1986. The first division, For Your Convenience™ (FYC), started in Dennis’ basement but quickly grew into a bustling millwork shop. FYC is now operating in a 125,000 square foot manufacturing facility and specializes in building custom cabinets, panels, and shelving. One of FYC’s most popular products is Xcelamine™, a water- and rot-resistant melamine board made from recycled materials. Xcelamine provides unmatched protection for cabinetry exposed to leaks, spills, and high-moisture areas.

In 2004, Prock Operations opened its second division, Snowman Cooler, which offers top-quality custom walk-in coolers, freezers, and other cold storage solutions. Snowman Cooler uses only XPS insulation in its products, which is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and extremely resistant to moisture and corrosion.

Custom designed cabinets designed to match company’s branding style.
Quarzo Collection™, a line of engineered surfaces, is the newest line of Prock Operations Products.

Growing our offering

Prock Operations has continued to grow by adding flooring, surfacing, and showcase divisions.  To support this growth, Prock Operations has expanded to larger facilities and adopted more efficient manufacturing processes.

Prock Operations, Inc., headquartered in St. James, Missouri, is in the heart of the United States. This central location combines the benefits of providing jobs to the local community while easily supporting clients across the nation and worldwide.

Looking to the future

Our Philosophy

Prock Operations believes in a cleaner, greener future for manufacturing and has teamed up with industry leaders to make this vision a reality. By incorporating recycled and renewable materials into their manufacturing processes, Prock Operations takes pride in creating earth-friendly products.

Their process is simple: Prock Operations takes the time to learn your business goals, then provides the best products to maximize your business success.

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