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Meganite Edge Profiles

Countertop Edge Profiles
These and other edge profiles can be offered for a MEGANITE countertop.
Check with your fabricator to see what profiles are available.*

Meganite Maintenance

MEGANITE® is a homogeneous solid surface with mineral-filled acrylic polymer material that makes maintenance easy. Routine maintenance will give years of carefree service.
NOTE: Darker colors of MEGANITE® tend to require more maintenance than lighter colors.

This package provides information about chemical resistance properties of MEGANITE.

Meganite UV Resistance

Overview of potential color performance of MEGANITE® Acrylic Solid Surface based on accelerated Weather-Ometer® testing performance in accordance with ASTM G155. This test method is widely used in solid surface and other surfacing materials for outdoor colorfastness behaviors.

Meganite Window Sills

MEGANITE Acrylic Solid Surface: Sensible Solutions for Window Sills. See how Meganite® can take your project to the next level.