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Solid Surface

Meganite Window Sills

MEGANITE Acrylic Solid Surface: Sensible Solutions for Window Sills. See how Meganite® can take your project to the next level.

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This package provides information about chemical resistance properties of MEGANITE.

Meganite UV Resistance

Overview of potential color performance of MEGANITE® Acrylic Solid Surface based on accelerated Weather-Ometer® testing performance in accordance with ASTM G155. This test method is widely used in solid surface and other surfacing materials for outdoor colorfastness behaviors.

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Meganite Maintenance

MEGANITE® is a homogeneous solid surface with mineral-filled acrylic polymer material that makes maintenance easy. Routine maintenance will give years of carefree service.
NOTE: Darker colors of MEGANITE® tend to require more maintenance than lighter colors.

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Meganite Edge Profiles

Countertop Edge Profiles
These and other edge profiles can be offered for a MEGANITE countertop.
Check with your fabricator to see what profiles are available.*

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